Welcome to the First Guess-The-Word Challenge!

[left]How will it work?

-There will be a few words you have to guess for gaining points

-This challenge will be held in the Main Room Chat, between Saturday 02/09/2019 and Sunday 02/10/2019

-Everyone can play this challenge, except alts and incognito accounts.

-First who guess the word will gain the amount of points.

How do I gain points?

[size=4]Let's take, as an example, the word "ATWAR" (5 letters, so the max. amount of points you can gain is 5).

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Our new payment integration with Stripe is now available! You can now purchase Premium and/or ProtoCoins using all major credit/debit cards (in addition to our PayPal option, which remains unchanged).

This will be our replacement instead of Xsolla, which unfortunately I have given up on trying to implement. If you're interested why, read on:

About a month ago you may have noticed I removed our Xsolla payment option. This was due to atWar's change of ownership. In order to transfer the Xsolla account from the old company to the new one, we were required to create a new account. I didn't think this would be a big deal, so I started working on this.

First they required me to do some initial integration work, which I did. Then they required me to sign a bunch of paperwork, which I did. Then, after a week or so, they contacted me with some questions, which I answered. So far so good. But then they went silent on me. My last contact with them was 2-3 weeks ago... no phone calls, they don't answer my emails, nothing.

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Announcing the Official atWar Discord Server!

The Official Discord Server, separated from our various community run Discord servers, will be the upfront secondary mean of communication. Various discussions about upcoming atWar Events, pesky little map bugs, valuable assistance and mentorship on basic game play + mapmaking, etc will be happening on that Discord Server.

The aW Official Discord Server Will

● Serve as a social platform for our players
● Have web-hook integration for our Facebook + Twitter + Reddit pages.
● Be a hub for our translators to continue their work, with the various untranslated languages.
● Provide a secondary if not direction communication with our Moderator & Supporter Team.
● Be a focus point for our Social Media Partners, giving them valuable access to input on the various videos, memes, etc they might create.
● Be pivot for our invaluable mapmakers to bounce ideas off each other and the community

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I'm pleased to announce a new strategy called "Insurrection" is now available for a limited time!

Insurrection is based on an idea from Apocalypse (thank you sir!). This strategy gives powerful Militia (Ground Secondary Defense) units at the cost of more expensive transportation, -2 attack for all other units. I think it will make an interesting new way of playing low income areas of the map, that otherwise might be overlooked.

Insurrection will be available for 1 month, until March 6, 2019. So give it a try!

By the way, we're going to start introducing new strategies, upgrades, and units (including perhaps buildings) on a rotating basis. The goal is something new to try each month. Already I have heard so many good ideas from the community, but I don't want to add too much all at once. So we'll do this rotating system so we can try something different each month. Who knows, if something is really popular we might even add it permanently.

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Welcome to the Official atWar Quiz series

[1st Month]

About Official atWar Quiz series

• Official atWar Quiz series will be held for 5 days in a row, once in a month.
• Quizzes will be held in the Main Lobby room
• Everyone can play independently of rank (except alt accounts)
• Quiz host will set questions (10 per day) related to atWar in the Main Lobby room chat where community will try to answer on them
• First who answer correctly on the question gets +1 point (System: the fastest gets the point)
• Quiz questions will be related all to atWar and it's: gameplay, mechanics, history, players, coalitions, stats, strategies, upgrades and absolutely anything connected to the game

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Based on a lot of feedback from the community, and discussions in the forums (mainly here, but other posts also), we've decided to implement two strategy changes. Here are the details:

Change #1: Lucky Bastard (LB) nerf
  • +10 Cost for ALL units, including Infantry & Militia

Change #2: Desert Storm (DS) nerf
  • Removed +1 capacity for Helicopters

These changes are not necessarily permanent... try them out for the next month or so, and let us know what you think!


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Head's up! For the holidays we've added a special rare unit - Santa Claus himself! You can find him on the main World Map.

BONUS: find the Santa Claus unit, get 300 protocoins! How you ask? Here's what you need to do:

1) Find the Santa Claus unit (you must own it, not belonging to another player)
2) Take a screenshot
3) Post the screenshot and game link here on this thread
4) Protocoins will be added to your account! (Limit 1 time per player.)

NO FARMING. You must post the game link so I can verify.

Merry Christmas!

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It is my pleasure to welcome Sascha to the moderator team! Sascha is a long time player and supporter, and will be a great addition to the team.

Also, I am pleased to welcome back Columna Durruti as a moderator once again. Columna had some real life responsibilities to take care of for a while, but is now back.


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AtWar Community,

As many of you know already from reading Dave's introduction to the community (Read Here if you missed it), there were 3 general areas he wanted to address. One of these was ending the toxicity in the forums.

The Mod Team has spent the last week or so discussing what exactly this would look like, and specifically clarifying what constitutes 'toxicity'. I think most of us already have a sense of what that is, but it can be hard to pin down. Therefore, we will be going forward with the following definitions:

What it is: The 'daily grind' of negative and dismissive comments, as well as mundane, repetitive hostilities and ethnic slurs will be curbed so that our forums will no longer have that dark, unwelcoming feel that new players often get when they first log on to AtWar forums.

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= = = EDITION 18: December 8, 2018 = = =

Table of Contents
Section 1: Interview with David
Section 2: Supporter Recruitment
Section 3: Master of East Comeback!
Section 4: Clan War Report

"Be the change that you wish to see in the world." ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Interview with David

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This year marks the 10th anniversary of atWar, or as it was formerly known, Afterwind.
Naturally, there have been ups and downs along the way, but without any exaggeration it was an incredibly exciting journey for the both of us. Many things had changed since the inception of the game, it is very different now from 10 years ago, when it was still a simple proof of concept. Players had come and gone, but great many are still around today. And, as the years went by, our situation also changed, and it has come to a point where we were no longer able to dedicate the time needed to support the game, as we barely even had time to keep it afloat. We would like to thank our incredible moderators for their unconditional commitment to the game and for keeping things orderly through all these years. Our supporters, tournament organisers, journalists, radio DJs and ordinary players - you guys are simply amazing and we've been very privileged to have such a dedicated and passionate community. And Clovis - you know you're a star and I hope that you will continue contributing to the game development, your help so far has been invaluable.

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Scenario editor is now live, which means that you can now create and edit scenarios directly from the HTML5 interface!
Important note: scenarios created in the Silverlight editor can only be edited there for now, until we deem it safe to completely switch to the HTML5 editor and finally kill off the SL one.
Map editor fixes:

  • Cloning now works
  • Fixed paths not being copied when cloning a map
  • Notify when zoom in editor exceeds max game zoom
  • Server returns an error when saving a map's events
  • Unit new image upload/delete is now working
  • Non-neutral countries and cities should are now highlighted with player colours
  • Fixed player colour alpha not saving
  • When trying to place units on the map in 'Events', only the unit type icon (soldier, plane, etc) is visible

Please report the bugs you find, we'll do our best to fix them asap.

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