Good new everybody! We have a new update for you, which implements some of the much-requested features. Here's the full list:

  • Peace on turn 1. All players now start in peace and automatically change to war on the next turn (unless new arrangements are made by the players). This also includes late-joiners, which can't attack and cannot be attacked on their first turn. This should prevent a lot of grief that comes from being instantly eliminated on turn 1 or being hit by a sneaky late-joiner. Of course, neutrals can still be attacked, so you can expand in other ways.

  • Skipping your turn in the country selection phase will now have consequences. Starting from the second timeout you will be losing 10% of the starting cash (each timeout). On the 5th timeout you're automatically kicked out. This should make starting games faster and prevent a situation where someone just sits there without selecting a country.

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    Small update to the new turn-blocking system:
    Units in transports are now not counted when calculating the chance to turn-block.

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    A long-awaited update for the turn-blocking mechanics:

  • Turn blocking now only works if you have more than 50% the amount of units of your opponent (whom you're trying to block). Blocking huge stacks with 1 unit will no longer work.

  • The chance of turn blocking is now determined by the difference in the amount of units between you and your opponent. Chance % = your units count / opponent units count. So, for example, 3 vs 10 will have a 30% chance to turn-block, 5 vs 10 - 50%, and so on. Max chance is fixed at 50%.

  • If the opponent has less than 4 units in the stack, turn-block will work exactly as before.

  • It's now possible to walk through all non-city units, unless they are part of a defence line. This was implemented to prevent an exploit.

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    Good news, everyone!

    IMPORTANT: Those of you who have the installed version of the game, you need to reinstall it!

    We will be upgrading to the new server tomorrow! All done! Hopefully, this will mean no more daily restarts and better overall performance. The transfer to the new server is scheduled for tomorrow morning (Sunday, 11:00 GMT) and if all goes well, it shouldn't take more than one hour.

    Again, we would like to apologize for the constant restarts that has been occurring over the last few weeks. These disconnects are very annoying, we feel your pain! The sad truth is, it is our hosting provider's fault and there really isn't much we could have done about it. Oh well, I'm sure we'll have more luck this time!

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    The first official season of Coalition Wars is over. The top 3 Coalitions are:

    The Revolutionaries
    364 points
    10 games (won 9 : lost 1)

    Stalins Martians
    352 points
    10 games (won 8 : lost 2)

    BiteMe Too!
    302 points
    10 games (won 5 : lost 5)

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    Afterwind is now on Kongregate! You can use the 'connect accounts' option when you log in for the first time to continue using your current Afterwind account.

    Premium features can now be purchased with Kongregate's 'Kreds' currency. They have more funding options than us - so it may be a solution to those players who don't have PayPal.

    If you do have a Kongregate account, don't forget to rate the game (you have to actually enter the game before that, otherwise the vote won't be registered).

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    OK, as you might have noticed, the last few days the server wasn't very nice. In fact, it's been naughty, very naughty. Crashing and staying down like a total killjoy. However, instead of punishing it with repeated kicking, we decided to fix a few things.

    Turned out that was a huge memory leak that was clogging the server's drain. After plugging the leak, things look a lot brighter - the AW server now magically eats 5 times less resources - which should help that fat ass to get into shape.

    Anyway, carry on with having fun, everybody. Sorry about the interruptions.

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    Good news for those who wanted more medals (everyone?) - we've added more medals! They are:

    Militia Must Die (for destroying Militia)
    War Drags On (for the number of weeks played)
    Experienced General (for the number of games played)
    Victorious General (for the number of games won)

    Plus, there are 6 new 'anti-medals', given for losing games, battles and units. They are there purely for fun, and only bring 1SP when earned.

    Hopeless General (for the number of games lost)
    Hopeless Admiral (for the lost naval battles)
    The Field Is Lost (for the lost PvP battles)
    Left To Rust (for the lost land units)
    Swallowed By The Sea (for the lost land units)
    Crashed Into Dust (for the lost air units)

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