For the past 2 weeks we've been gradually adding more people to our HTML5 alpha testing. First the Mods, then Supporters and the additional 20 volunteers. Hundreds of bugs have already been found and most of them already fixed. Now we're granting access to all rank 10+ 8+ players - please use the GAMES and MAPS buttons in the top menu to enter and report any bugs you find on the new bug reports forum.

We've also created two new HTML5 version specific forums:
HTML5 discussion forum and
HTML5 bug reports forum

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Being a loyal fan of Google Chrome from the very beginning, it was all the more unpleasant when it recently decided to disable Silverlight (and some other plugins, like Unity) by default. What it means for our players is one extra step, detailed here:

Annoying as it may be, things will get even worse in September, when Chrome will stop supporting these plugins altogether. Silverlight has been dying a slow death for a while now, and this would be the final nail in its coffin. What it means for us is that we need to roll out the new HTML5 version of the game before that, preferably already bug-free. We're now working extra hard to finish the alpha, to be released some time in June (hopefully). We're fully determined not to go down together with Silverlight and emerge from this debacle stronger than ever!

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Starting from this season Coalitions will be ranked by Elo rating, currently used in duels. There will be an overall Elo and seasonal Elo, which will be reset to 1000 in the beginning of every season. Seasonal Elo will be introduced for duels as well, with top 3 players receiving special trophies.

Overall Elo has been calculated for all Coalitions from the beginning, based on their CW games. It has now replaced competence, which has been removed.

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It has come to our attention that some people are experiencing regular disconnects and even long downtime periods. The server is actually working fine, so the problem must be somewhere in the tubes. If at some point you can't connect to the website/game, please download this simple tool: (click on ""). It requires no installation.

1. Start the program.
2. Uncheck "Resolve names" in Options (important!)
3. Put "" as Host
4. Click 'Start'
5. Wait for about 1 minute for it to gather the results.
6. Click 'Export text' and save them into a text file.
7. Next time you can visit the website, post the contents of the file in this topic, between the code tags (for formatting)

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Huge apologies everyone for today's downtime! One of our IP addresses had suddenly died (still clearing this up with our server provider).
Please let us know if you would like to cancel any CWs or duels that were started before the server went offline.

EDIT: Apparently there was a massive DDoS attack (over 6 Gb/s!) and one of our IP addresses was automatically blocked. The provider has added more protection and everything should be back to normal now.

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We're working on user interface in the HTML5 version and it would be a very appropriate time to ask for your suggestions.

Here are the areas we're covering this time:
Buying and moving units
End game screen
Functionalities of the above items

Here's what's NOT covered:
Rally points and waypoints for units

Don't forget to upvote other people's suggestions - we will look at the numbers to see what's popular and should have more priority.


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Completely randomly as always, we decided to make this week a discount week. Starting today and until Dec. 7th you get a chance to grab your Premium features at half price! Have fun!

On a completely unrelated note, congratulations to Illyria, Mystical Society and State of Mind - the top three medal-winning coalitions last season. Also I'd like to remind that from the current season onward the limit is raised to 30 games. Cheers!

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Brianwl - community relations and waffel advocate

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